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Paintings & Drawings

I paint in watercolour on paper and acrylic on canvas, mostly from nature, on the spot, or sometimes from memory or imagination in the studio.

My work is largely representational, combining reality with imagination, inspired by landscape and figures with symbolic undertones. The use of light and rich colours create strong and evocative images.

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Some examples of my paintings and drawings:

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The ideas for a new piece of work often come by accident, triggered by a thought, a dream or during meditation. It is difficult to say exactly how an images comes together as there is no set formula, just lots of experimentation, imagination and hard work.


I have always drawn from the human figure and attend life drawing sessions from time to keep up my ability to draw quickly and creatively.

I use a combination of charcoal, pencil, red chalk and Chinese ink, a technique learned from the visionary artist Cecil Collins while I was a student at the Central School of Art.