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About me

All my work, whether painting, printmaking or glass, is originally inspired by nature in its many shapes and forms. During the course of my travels throughout the world I draw, paint (in watercolour) and take photographs of the landscape and its people. Sometimes these sketches lie dormant for months, or even years, until they come into their own in another context. It is often the memory of colour light and atmosphere which I store up for future use.

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Once I have an idea in my mind, I like to experiment with it in different ways, through painting, printmaking and glass. It is fascinating to discover how to interpret something in several different mediums and to solve the various problems one encounters in each one. These become real journeys of discovery, sometimes producing wonderful surprises! For me, the beauty of watercolour and of glass is their transparency.

Every step is a milestone, every experiment is a learning curve and the great rewards are finding how each medium leads into the next and the lessons learned along the way.