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The definition of an original print. The image is usually (though not necessarily) transferred to paper from a surface such as stone, wood, metal or glass on which the artist has worked to produce the basic pattern. The artist makes this with the intention of producing prints and it these, rather than the block or plate from which they are printed, that are the original works of art.

Some computer-generated images may also qualify as original prints. The artist produces a limited number of prints (an edition) and signs and numbers them. An Original Print is thus an original work of art and not to be confused with commercial, photographic reproductions or giclee prints.

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Some examples of my prints:

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Relief prints

Relief prints, which include linocuts, woodcuts and wood engravings: the principle employed is the cutting away of part of the surface of a flat block so that the desired image stands proud to provide a printing surface.

Unique prints

As the name implies, these are “one-off” prints created in various different ways, sometimes using collage techniques. Because they are each unique, the price will be greater than that of a print which is part of an edition.


These are also "unique" prints, usually made with a relief image as a starting point.


Are unique prints created by transferring to paper an image that has been painted on a plate made of glass, metal, etc.

Digital prints

An artist's digital print in not a reproduction but a limited edition work of art that does not exist in any other form. Artists create the image using computer software or, more often, they scan in a drawing, photograph, painting or traditionally generated print, then manipulate the image on computer screen to create an entirely new image which is then printed using a computer printer of some sort.

Digital prints can also be generated via electronic drawing tablets (such as David Hockney’s use of the iPad) or on phone apps etc., using a finger or special stylus as a drawing tool.