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Glass Artwork

I am fascinated by how the shapes alter the appearance of the differently coloured glass and I am using simpler, more abstract designs than in my windows.

I have a wide variety of original glass pieces for sale and I take commissions for stained glass windows for public or private buildings and also fused glass artwork.

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When it comes to stained glass commissions for public or private locations, I work together with the clients to discover what ideas, if any, they have for the content of their window. Sometimes the brief is quite exacting, sometimes I am given complete freedom. Always, the research into ideas for the window takes weeks of hard work before any visual design can be put down on paper. Sometimes the actual cutting, painting and leading together of the glass is the easiest part!

Currently, I make free-standing glass sculptures in glass, based as always, on memories and images in my head of the colours and shapes of nature and the human figure. Unlike working with traditional stained glass, I can work completely freely, often without a preconceived design, using off-cuts of coloured glass in an instinctive way to create a unique "picture" in glass.